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Have extensive experience in project management

Have good knowledge in Manufacture Execute Management(MES)? Have extensive experience in project management? Be active and responsible on work? Have studious nature and dedication to my job.? Have good communicate skills, teamwork spirit.Good professional skills. team work spirit. high liability and attribution. nice characters.self-motivated, Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding respond well in high-pressure atmosphere. energetic, adaptable and able man, cooperative and honest to others.With a unique educational background and extensive international work experience, I use cutting-edge systems /forums biology to support decision making in a leading pharmaceutical company. In addition to my project work, I also work with some of the world's leading academics on cancer drug discovery.
Skills and Strengths Plan a Wedding Ceremony
mathematical modeling, chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, statistics, business planning, project managementI Work as a client relationship manager in Amex Global Prepaid Option. I am responsible for Traveler’s Cheque sales in central China. I build strong relationship with bank partners (BOC, ICBC, BOCOM, ABC, CEB, CITIC) as well as account planning and implementation with partners. I provide marketing support while managing and enhancing the value propositions Takes on Wedding Cakesof American Express Global Prepaid products. smart and work hard Decorating Your Reception Table ,being efficiently with multiple task, good skill and concept with sales , arketing support and customer service job position.
Proficient in MS Office: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc
Excellent communication and problem solving skills
? Good at the team work
? Fluent in English and Mandarin

and also project manager for building new paint line as well, Areas of expertise also include

Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment, Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.Hobbies: reading, sports (such as Ping-Pong, table tennis, and basketball, etc.),sing .? Interests in innovation and work positively .
? Good vivid and graceful makings is always my proud.? Take part in extra-curricular activities warmly, especially sports.
? Be of fast-learning, the skills of solving problems, flexible mind, and a team player with excellent communication Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas and organizing skills, lasting-passion for work.After four years of training in schools, the community has a certain degree of adaptability, professionalism and strong sense of responsibility, diligence,
meticulous and strong ability and learning ability. Though I don‘t have rich experience after my graduation from school, I have systematically studied the principle of automatic control,Five Great Wedding Themes process control instrumentation and automation, sensor technology infrastructure, micro-computer control technology. I took part in many items on engine contAggressive, independent and able to work under a dynamic environment. Coordination skills, team spirit, studious nature and sense of responsibility are my greatest strengths.Perfect Wedding Table Center  Sense of responsibility for work on the parents filial piety, family and love.Seek career and family harmony and unity. 10 years in equipments management and maintenance, excellent in troubleshoot and budget, procurement, as long-term maintenance engineer and supervisor in Automotives, and also project manager for building new paint line as well, Areas of expertise also include:
·Production Line Planning for Automotive system·Team Building/Team Leadership·Facilities & Process Equipments·Modern Ocean Motif Preventive Maintenance
·Project Management·Troubleshooting·Rich installation experience

I’m a highly-motivated and reliable person with pleasant personality

In the years of my previous service in the largest quantity surveying consultant, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB), I have acquired invaluable experience in both government and private projects among a wide range of fields including builder’s, fitting out and building services works, and in both pre-contract and post-contract stages.I’m a highly-motivated and reliable person with pleasant personality.
I always take an active part in public benefit activities, for instance, as a volunteer of the World Expo and 2010 IDSF.Make A Bridal Shower Card
In my intern-work at, I made a lot of interviews on civic news, breaking news and other feature stories.
Meanwhile, I had worked in OCBC Group during winter vacation. I mainly worked on making media brief, translated annual announcement and write press release .I am a responsible and hardworking employee. I try to grab opportunity to enrich myself. I was a Japanese course representative in Hull University, Choose A Wedding Cake UK. And also a Minister of Liaison Department in the International College of Xiamen University. (1)I can accurately translate all kinds of English materials into Chiniese or translate all kinds of Chiniese materials into English,and my oral English is also very good;(2)I am the leader of Youth League branch,I am good at comunication and cooperation,I can organize a group for doing something.I have a talent for making friends with others.(3 have a good professional skill,especiallyTips for Wearing Pearls in Human Resource Management,Three Inspiring Wedding Ideasand I have already earned a lot of prizes and certifications. Has many years of experience in distributor managementMore than 10 years working experience in MNC company for Agrochemical products, familiar with sourcing, production, technical improvement, quality control, complaint handling in Agrochemical and chemical area. Hope to provide solution for company Military Wedding
with my rich experiences and help myself to grow together with company.Integrity,dedicated and hard-working,with extensive practical knowledge in shoe making industry and can solve problems independently. Good communication skill in both English and Mandarin.Good command of computer skill.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bio informatics

I am an associate with TCS(China) Co., Ltd for the last 4 years with a total of 8 years of working experience. Technically I'm experienced in Java, .net,C++ as well as My main area of experience has been a project Manager of various sizes primarily in the domain of healthcare, marketing, sales, bio informatics,CRM, Energy Service and financial. I have fluent speaking English as well as Japanese with 3 years of working experience at Tokyo Japan. 3 years' working experience in trading area, completing translating mechanical drawings and European standards. I find great interest in translating, and want to see if i can use what i've learned into what i'm going to tn Received systematic Ph.D. training in USA. Be qualified to do research project independently and creatively. Fluent in English.
ExtenOversea graduate, had work experience in multinational company
Good communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills
Had experience in team-building, coaching and project management
Excellent English both in oral and written, passed TEM-8,Chaussure TN Nike
Also had work experience in foreign trade corporation sive hands-on exprience on modern bioanalytical facilitiesjerseys monster such as FPLC, HPLC, mass spectrometry (MALDI and LC/MS).cheap nfl jerseys
First author articles published in nfl football jerseysArch Biochem Biophys.and J Proteome Research. here we go nowwhere am i?
help me, help you

die casting

A results-oriented investment professional with a solid track record of executing investment transactions and on-plan project asset management; handling complex negotiations; and managing multiple real estate projects and JV partner relationships simultaneously.
Career Objective:
Assest Management and Investment Company; Real Estate Investment Trust Be with widely supply chain sourcing information(include plastic, sheet metal, machining, CNC laser cut/stamping, die casting, plastic/aluminum extrusion, fasteners etc.), A person with more than 11 years experiences about soucing/project management and R&D dept.;Good at multiplicate computer softwares nike shox(such as Proe, CAD, Office etc.); with very strong engineering working background, familiar in verbal andnike trainer writen english.
Career Objective:nike shoes Target Positioncheap nike shoes:1.Global sourcing manager; 2.Supply chain manager
Hopefully work in plastic, cheap authentic nfl jerseysMetals, Fasteners and all mechanical field sourcing/trading management
and follow up.Let us go go go
here and where

Friday, May 14, 2010


He then vowed to take all of theapple above to another level in this postseason, which doesn’t figure into MVP voting but speaks volumes about the guy who won. “When I said that it wasn’t about on the court,” James explained during the Chicago series, “it was more about preparation and mentally what was going on with the game. Every second, every minute. Stepping up my game on the court, I’ve done that a little bit.”
What’s left? Why of course, bravethe hardware no player can possibly win by himself, yet the stuff that gets used constantly to define the game’s greatest stars, qualifying or eliminating them as the case may be. None of the other major sports holds its superstars as accountable for winning championships as the persevere
NBA. And none holds it against those who come up short quite as severely.Russell, Jordan, Bird, Johnson, even Chamberlain, Erving, Robertson and West? They’re in. Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Miller? Nope, they’re out. No NBA title, no chunky championship ring, so no rights or privileges in the lodge of the league’s very best, at least the way some people see it.ames included.
“The only reason I do what Ihappy2010 do on the court is to compete for an NBA championship,” he told the Akron crowd. “I understand that, until I win that, I won’t go down as one of the greatest playersjourney to play this game. Individual accolades definitely come into account, but team is what it’s all about. That’s my only goal right now. I can’t name something that I haven’t done individually in my short career that’s bigger than an NBA championship. … This is the closest I’ve been to it right now with the team that we have, and we’re looking forward to the challenge.”
So O’Neal is in (four rings), Bryant is in (four as well) and even Dwyane Wade(notes) qualifies, if his stats and victory totals stay impressive over time. But James is out? Until he wins at least one title with the Cavs or someone else?Doesn’t seem right, but there it is. And opinion from
within ranges all over the map.Were the Boston Celtics’ primary stars—Kevin Garnett(notes), Paul Pierce(notes), Ray Allen(notes)—any greater in July 2008 than they were in April 2008, before and after they broke through together for their first taste of real triumph? Would James rank any higher today in the pantheon of players—the MVMVPs, if you will—had Cleveland beaten San Antonio in the 2007 Finals? Will he be


Uh, no. The “you guys”your best friend in Van Gundy’s comment is a morphing, unpredictable, headstrong and frequently wrong body of voters who couldn’t even decide whether to tote an umbrella on a cloudy day. At some point, as transcendent as James might get, many of the writers and broadcasters would little girlcast votes for someone else just out of boredom.They certainly couldn’t agree unanimously that James was the best player in the NBA this season—and by a wide margin. Backhere and where
in 2000, former CNN and ESPN sportscaster Fred Hickman took heat for giving his vote to Allen Iverson(notes) rather than Shaquille O’Neal(notes), spoiling what would have been O’Neal’s sweep. A year ago, 12 of the 121 voterlunch is bananas didn’t see James as MVP, despite his ascendancy individually and as a team leader. This year, 116 of the 123 available first-place votes went James’ way, withflyingbird Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant(notes) receiving four and Howard getting three. No voter ranked James lower than third on the five-slot ballot.“Every night I step on the court, I try to be the best player on the floor,” James told the hometown throng. “And every night fans or media, you guys, leave a game, I want you to say ‘LeBron James was the best player on the court.’ Every single night.”
K, here’s another reason why James might not be hoarding the next 10 MVP trophies. Given his level of performances and, more than that, his maturity, his poise, in handling the spotlight and success thrust upon him, the guy has to be 32 years old. No? Then maybe Stan Van’s right.
“I’m always humbled by anything I can do individually,” James said Sunday, “because I understand this is a team game and any time you’re singled out, that means you’ve done something special. It’s definitely humbling. … It’s great.”The 6-foot-8, 270-pound forward threw himself into developing on both the individual and team fronts this season. He ranked second in the league in scoring (29.7) and averaged 7.3 rebounds, 8.6 assists (most ever by a forward, sixth-best in the NBA), 1.0 blocked shots and 1.6 steals (ninth). Fifteen times James led the Cavs across the board in points, rebounds and assists, and he was a league-high plus-650 in plus/minus rankings. Defensively, he became the bogeyman lurking over every opponent’s shoulder with a transition layup in mind. Offensively, James honed his shooting range and was accurate a career-best 50.3 percent of the time.ollectively, the Cavaliers snagged the No. 1 seed for the second consecutive season, topping 60 victories both times. Cleveland has had the league’s best home record for two years, too, going 74-8 at Quicken Loans Arena. Confronted by—after largely lobbying for—a revamped roster from the squad that exited last spring’s postseason, James blended new faces and talents such as Shaquille O’Neal, Antawn Jamison(notes), Anthony Parker(notes) and Jamario Moon(notes) into a group that wasn’t exactly broken to begin with.